The Throughput Sensation

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Brings throughput to your desk

Our compact throughput sensation provides genuine 24/7 production scanning.

The DS6X1 is as compact as a table device but it scans with the power and the capacity of a high-performance scanner: faster, with greater persistence and more reliably than any scanner of its size. Developed for 24/7 operation and manufactured 100% in Germany, it sets standards with regard to document throughput, scanning quality, process efficiency and user-friendliness. Thus it easily masters your recurring or consecutive large-scale scanning projects at the touch of a button: from inbox scanning and archiving and up to commercial scanning services.

ECM professional journals say: “The DS6X1 ranks among the table scanners with the highest throughput in the world”. We say: the DS6X1 is an InoTec production scanner, Made in Germany. And what do you say?

DS6X1 performance

Speed is a number. Throughput is a fact.

No question about it: the fastest possible scanning speeds are a requirement for time-efficient scanning. Such speeds are significant however only when they are maintained reliably for many hours at a time or during complete shifts. Without stops. And without errors. Only then can high throughput be assured. And only then do we at InoTec call them 24/7 production scanners. Or in other words, if you want to make real headway, you need both speed and endurance.