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The Middleweight Champion


The Middleweight Champion

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Genuine production scan for the mid-volume segment

Our compact throughput sensation provides genuine 24/7 production scanning.

No more compromises! The DS3x1 brings true production scanning to the mid-volume segment – and sets completely new standards there. As the little brother of the throughput sensation DS6x1, it combines the 24/7 DNA and numerous premium functionalities of the world’s leading desktop device with even more compact device dimensions and even more favorable conditions. This allows you to handle even comparatively small daily volumes with the quality and reliability of a high-end production scanner, without using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Optimized in terms of price and performance for daily throughputs ranging from three-digit to five-digit figures, the DS3x1 is the highest quality and most cost-effective choice whenever excellent results, intuitive usability and long product life are the key selection criteria.

Call it the middleweight champ. The new standard in the mid-volume class. Or a class of its own. We call it an InoTec production scanner. Made in Germany.

High throughput … is not everything.

High throughput may be the most striking feature of a production scanner. In the mid-volume segment, however, it is other features and success factors that allow users to scan with ease and productivity: the highest scan quality, availability and user-friendliness on the one hand, and smart features and functionalities on the other. In other words, state-of-the-art digitization does not always require the highest throughputs. But always genuine production scanners.